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How it Works

It's a very straightforward proposition

  • NO joining fees
  • You get individual programmes designed to meet you specific personal objectives
  • You can come as often or as little as you want
  • You get access to all the gym facilities
  • You can come a bit early or a bit late, we're very flexible
  • You can either pay for individual sessions or
  • Pay a fixed fee and get unlimited personal training for the period

Hours of Operation

A trainer is on site during the following opening hours*

Monday - Thursday 5AM-11AM and 4PM - 6.30PM (gym is open afetr 6.30, but unsupervised)

Friday 5AM- 11AM There are no afternoon sessions on a Friday

* There is no trainer on site between 8AM and 9AM weekdays.

Saturday 8AM - 10.30AM

All 7 week and 4 month members m,ay use the gym between 5AM and 10.30PM 7 days per week via a keyless entry system. Notify via SMS first ( 0414645156).

Fast Fitness Costs

  • First two sessions are FREE
  • 30 minute session - $12.50
  • 60 minute session - $25.00
  • 15 hour pack* - $300 ($10 per 30min)
  • 7 Week membership** - $250 ($37.50 per week)
  • 4 Month Mobership*** - $500 ($28.85 per week)
  • 60 Minute One on One**** - $70 per hour

* The 15 hour pack is best for customers who travel or will not be using the gym on average more than 1.5 hours per week, will not need after hour access. 15 Hour Packs expire after 1 year

** The 7 Week Membership is best suited to customers that will be using the gym more than 1.5 hours per week over the next 7 weeks. They may like to use the gym out of regular personal training hours

*** The 4 Month Membership is best suited to customers who will be using the gym more than 1.5 hours per week over the next 4 months, may like to use the gym after hours.

**** The 60 Minute One on One is best suited to customers with extensive injuries, or who would like to vary their programme with outdoor workouts, including boxing and also have the ability to be trainied outrside of business hours.

ALL Memberships include unlimited sessions with the trainer during normal operating hours.