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We provide all of the benefits of a fully featured gym plus all the benefits of personal training without the joining fees, monthly fees or long term commitments.





One-on-One Gym
Personal Training

Personal Training

Fast Fitness
Personal Training

Price per hour $18 $15-$20 $80 + membership $80 $20
($300 =15 hrs)
Price per year $800-$1500  $2,340-$3,120
(Av 3 sessions per week)
 $12,480 + membership
(Av 3 sessions per week)
(Av 3 sessions per week)
Unlimited sessions per year
Individual programs* No No Yes Yes Yes
Session availability Always Limited Limited Limited Always
Starting times Anytime you're ready Set times When trainer available When trainer available Anytime you're ready
Cancellation fee No charge Sometimes May have to pay full amount May have to pay full amount No charge
Late or early, need to change time Easy to do 100% of the time No Only if the trainer is available Only if the trainer is available Easy to do 100% of the time
Outdoor workouts No Sometimes Sometimes Yes No
Gym Availability 6AM-9.30PM N/A N/A N/A 5AM-10PM 7 Days
* At Fast Fitness we provide individual programs to suit your goals, fitness level and injuries. We keep it interesting with a different workout every session!